My song

My song

My song is called “No Control” and is written by Avril Tricker and composed by Avril Tricker featuring by Sam Hoxely.

Control Lyrics 

My idea

Due to my analytical research I have an initial idea of what I want to achieve. From the research I collated they include a meaningful deep message this is presented through the storyline but also through objects such as keys.

I want to use a similar effect by using an object with a red rose to symbolise hope, love, passion, but also danger and warning. I want to use a narrative that is circular and based on a relationship, mental health and bullying. This is something I will find out during my survey which one my target audience want to see but personally I want to create it about a broken relationship as it works and coincides with the red rose symbolises.


Summary of analysis

Summary of analysis

From completing my analysis of digipaks, posters and music videos, there are common characteristics I have established through the 5 areas of analysis which are colour, images, layout, typography and language, that support certain genres, tones and representations.

Dull darkish tones with hints of red are normally used in the colour scheme to emphasise aspects of the areas of analysis. Normally red is used to connote passion and desire which can reflect the artists songs as well as the genre. Dull tones tend to portray an old fashioned effect creating the concept of being “retro” which also implies a unique approach. Both of them together juxtapose and empahsise the different tones used.

The images used on the majority of the the posters are of the artist themselves to create a more recognisable image for the audience and to create a persona for them to give an insite to what the audience are in for before they listen to the music which helps the audience see if they will enjoy the genre and music the artist performs.

The layout normally is the same in the sense of sectors as it displays the title at the top to empahsise and enable a recognisable image and the artist in the centre to create an eyeline match with the audience to create a connection. Lastly at the end information is presented below as its the last thing you see makes you want to investigate more about the artist.

The fonts are very similar as they mostly use sans-serif typography to create a bold and powerful message to create a minimalistic perspective so it makes it easier to absorb. In addition the typography of mosts bands name is presented in a unique font that is iconic to the band which enables it to be recognisable for the public.

I will be using all of these aspects to follow the conventions of this genre and style of music to appeal to specific target audience. An approach I will be presenting within my work is the personal underlining message and connection with the audience as it helps engage with more of the public.



I created a survey that will allow me to distinguish my target audience and investigate how I will go about creating certain ideas I want to portray in my music video. Due to the construction of my digi-pak and poster, besides the analytical process the survey will also allow me to figure out what characteristics to include to achieve an effective and approachable outcome.

Digi-pak Analysis #10

Digi-pak Analysis #10

The colours and tone of this album is very dark and has the illusion of being warn away and looking rough which creates the the image of being “retro” which is seen to be different and unique nut is also seen to be fashionable which reinforces the indie genre. The use of dark colours infers mystery and strong emotions and tones which could be reflected in their music. Presented in the middle of the front cover is a illuminated streak of a warm light which brightens the design and atmosphere of the appearance, this is significant as it illustrates that although the music may have dark tones, a positive mood may be presented. Warm tones connote strong emotions of passion and love which reflects on them as an artist and their desire to make music to please their fans.

They layout of this digi-pak follows conventions of the indie genre style a its very simplistic as on the front cover it includes the bands name and the title of the album and on the back the songs are centralised and listed with numbers to make it easier for the public to establish what song is what.

Unlike the other dig-oaks I have analysed this doesn’t include an image of the band however it includes the bands logo placed above the bands name, this creates a recognisable touch and enables the audience to identify them and distinguish them from competitors. The front cover is of a photo of a dark woods with an illuminated parallel lines continuously flowing through the centre of the front cover. This symbolises positive vibes as the dark forest connotes mystery and almost a sinister affect however the juxtaposition of the bright light conveys guidance and direction which infers thats what they portray to their fans.

The font used is of the serif typography which illustrates sophistication, this compliments but juxtaposes with the overall appearance, this is significant as it creates a unique and different look which follows the indie genre. The album is called 5 am which has connotations of the early morning which illustrates peacefulness and an calm atmosphere, this is significant as it conveys these characteristics will feature in their music.