Poster Analysis #5


The colour scheme used is monochrome with samples of red, this connotes passion and desire, which infers that the songs include very strong messages, feelings and emotions. The vibrant bold colours contrast against the black background emphasising the image in the centre  The crucial information provided e.g. her name and her tours, juxtapose with the background to catch the audiences eye to create a recognisable and vivid image.

The image presented which fills mostly of the entire poster, is an image of the artist which is a common characteristic I have noticed for artists to do. Her facial expression is stern informing the audience she is a serious artist and is passionate and serious about what she does, this creates the emotional tone, mood and representation for her music and tour. She is looking straight into the camera which creates the illusion of her making physical eye contact with the public which enables them to connect with the artist on a personal level, this i s significant as this entices the public and more people to join her followings. The image is in monochrome which creates a subtlety to the image and diffuses any harsh tones to make it look more endearing and comforting to entice more people in.

The title of the album doesn’t appear on this poster however is named after her age “25” which conveys sentimental value enabling the public to connect with her on a personal level. The artists name is positioned just under her face presented on screen which makes her more easily identifiable to the public. The tour dates are displayed conventionally underneath in date order that makes it simple and easy to understand for the pubic to digest.

The sans-serif style of font is very significant to the style of their music as it represents themes of bold and classy which conveys strong emotions of the pop genre. The typography is prominent creating a strong powerful message of the artist.


Digi-pak Analysis #4

Digi-pak Analysis #4

The colours used for this digi-pak very trendy and popular as they appeal to a variety of generations, this supports they are an upcoming band. The main colour used is black which connotes mystery however the coral uplifts that atmosphere creating the impression that the bands style is somewhere in the middle, this infers they follow the inner pop route of music. The rose gold detailing on the front cover also reinforces the fashionable vibe they give off, this attracts more people as they want to be seen as modish and up to date with latest trends.

Only one image is used on this digi-pak and its an image of the band looking away from the camera, this portrays a vibe of them being very photogenic which presents them as trendy and model like.  They are the main focus of the CD however the female is centralised in the middle of the front cover which infers she’s the main singer of the band. Their facial expressions adequate relaxed which symbolises the mood and tone of the CD and them as an artist, it also signifies the representation and genre of the CD is of the indie pop culture.

Basic bold sans-serif typography is used through out the whole of the digi-pak which conveys the simplicity of the album and of their style. This also helps the important information get portrayed as easily as possible. The font used for the title of the band is specific to the band and is their personal trade mark which makes it easily identifiable and makes it recognisable to the public. The name of the album “Truth is a beautiful thing” has a beautiful and meaningful message behind it which implies the tracks will be very delicate and match the characteristics of the meaning behind the title, this is further reinforced through some of the song titles such as, ‘hell to the lairs’, ‘rooting for you’ and ‘leave the war with me’.



Music Video Analysis #4

Music Video Analysis #4

This is a narrative music video with a slight area of performance by the American folk band “The Lumineers”. I personally love this music videos as it’s imaginative, and makes you want to watch it again. It’s also very unique in the way it presents on screen, e.g through transitions and appearances of the band.

The establishing shot is a medium close up of a female character with a mournful and downhearted facial expression, this sets the mood and implies there is a element of grief and regret. Then a similar shot is used for a male character however his face turns saddened when he makes eye contact looks at her, this isn’t physically shown however the 180 degree rule helps to portray this. due to their eyeliner match we automatically understand there is a connection between these characters. It continues to flip between these shots but as they progress the female begins to fall emotional. A medium shot is used to capture them engrossing in a passionate and emotional hug which represents their intimate relationship, this creates the sense of departing and sets the mood to be quite low and sorrowful. He begins to whisper something in her ear and walks off leaving her behind being very emotional which connects with the audience and attracts them to what may happen. A very shaky hand held shot zooms in on the man as he runs out the door, this reflects their emotions as they both seem to be a little unsteady which is supported I the next shot when she is seen to be crying. That shaky handheld shot occurred when he ran out the door which could infer that it was a unplanned exit and what has to come is spontaneous.

The next shot is very imaginative as the female transitions into 2 people but the camera follows one as she runs out the door which we understand she is running after the male character, the sis significant as it justifies her love and emotion to him. It then cuts back to the other version of her carrying on the previous scene crying and talking to someone at the venue they started off at. This could infer and foreshadow, that the emotional shot is  real and the other version of her is nothing but a vision or hallucination of what she wants to perceive that might happen. The couple is then seen together and she becomes cheerful, he then copies her expression.

As the beat of the song starts it coincides with the taxi door shutting, this is significant as it enables the audience to understand they are gong somewhere together. Quick shots are used which include them enjoying a passionate kiss, the male paying for the taxi and then them running for a train. Lots of modes of transport are shown in a shorts space of time which could infer traveling is a theme throughout. Multiple shots are presented of them traveling down a motorway which reciprocates a mood and tone of freedom. They are presented dancing and laughing together which develops to the audience they are a happy and content couple. They begin to past lots of flashing lights and big buildings and she becomes starstruck by it all. A shot captures him on one knee insinuating a proposal but she doesn’t take it seriously, this lowers the tone and represents the highs and lows of a relationship and mimics that everything not all good all of the time. Fast paced shots repeat good and bad times they have on their journey and it further reinforces the reality of life.

Shots of the band them self “The Lumineers” appear which reinforces my statement of it being a performance music video as it has an element of them performing. The music video continues by them passionately kissing on the floor and her whispering “lets get married”, this is significant as its atypical for the female to ask even tho the male asked previously and she declined. they are then presented at a low budget wedding standing opposite of each other which infers they are at their ceremony. This boosts the mood and makes it quite emotional for the viewers as they have been watching their journey and almost feel included, this is significant as this makes viewers want to continue watching and venture into more of there music. It then goes back to the band sinning which engages with the audience and allows them to connect with the band. this is followed by the couple doing post marriage deeds but in a lower class and social place. A 6 second shot is used of the girl lying down, as soon as the song finishes the lighting changes and the females attire and aesthetic changes accordingly to the begin of the music video. A unfocused point of view shot is used and indicates that where she is now is her reality and everything that just occurred was an imaginative dream.

Advert Analysis #4

Advert Analysis #4

Billie Marten is not a very well known artist who was discovered on youtube. She performs at small gigs and is of the indie acoustic genre.Billie-Marten-poster-sold-out-724x1024

The colours used are very appropriate for her indie acoustic genre.  The poster is quite dark with white writing to contrast and attract the publics eye, this is a very common marketing strategy that most artists follow. A few words are in a unique shade of green which emphasises the information highlighted and entices the public to read the poster, this is significant as it enables more people to find out more about the artist. The poster has a black boarder with a highlighted centre where the main artist is featured, this enables the poster to focus on her and make her more recognisable.

Just as I stated above, Billie Marten is positioned in the centre of the image with nothing surrounding her apart from a black faded boarder which exaggerates her presence. She has a very joyful and radiant facial expression which creates an idea her music is quite uplifting and has a happy underlining meaning also it implies she enjoys singing and is content with her album, which entices the public into listening to he music. The layout is simplistic which makes it easy and straight-forward to digest, which makes it a successful and clever marketing strategy as lots of people in versatile environments would be able to understand what its about. The artists name is presented on the top of the poster above the artist herself which helps tie everything together for the audience.,

This image is the only image presented on screen and is the main attraction of the poster as its highlighted so it contrasts against everything. This photo is very simple but it resembles the artist and captures who she is and her characteristics. Her uplifting facial expression enables the audience too engage and want to connect with her on a personal level because she seems so endearing. From her surroundings in the background it looks as through she is in a house practising her singing which portrays her passion and love for music which also makes the audience want to associate with her.

The name of the artist is in her own iconic fonts which makes it recognisable for the publics future reference, this font gives off the indie acoustic genre as its quite subtle and unique. The other information is in the standard typical bold sans-serif typography as it  makes it easier to read whilst not getting distracted by the rest of the poster.


Digi-pak Analysis #3

Digi-pak Analysis #3


The 1975’s album “the 1975” monochrome colour scheme are very basic however have has a very bold aesthetic as the contrast makes everything convey a more powerful message. A black and white overall appeal can sometimes look quite dull and unimaginative however they have achieved a way of making it look unique and stand out by taking the monochrome to an extreme, for example by using the pitch black background the bright vivid white lighting is able to make a bold statement and exaggerate important information. This is significant as it creates a strong brand image towards the band and sets a relaxed but powerful tone towards the listeners.

There aren’t any image used for this digi-pak apart from the front cover which is very simplistic as it solely includes the iconic logo of the band which makes them recognisable to the public. The simplicity and aesthetic reflects off of the indie and pop genre as its a very different atmosphere in comparison to mainstream music.

Serif typography is used for the logo which creates an image of a dated appearance, this is significant as it implies the band is trying to establish a retro look which develops an atmosphere which is chilled and unique that reflects the mood and representation to support the concept of this band being of the indie genre. On the back cover the arrangement of the songs are presented in the centre allowing it to be more accessible and easy to read. The language, “the 1975” is very unusual for a band and doesn’t have much meaning which works in their favour as it makes it more rememberable and sounds very effective, this is significant as they are different just like the indie culture.