The 3 Genres of Music Videos

The 3 Genres of Music Videos


A video that is based on one idea that has no relevance to the song and is quite obscure

Features of a concept music video:

  • Includes unusual images or narratives to entertain the audience
  • The video doesn’t have any relevance to the song
  • Some images are purely artistic no other explanation

This type of video are more common in electronic music or experimental videos.


Performance is self explanatory is the sense that it includes the artist/band performing though out the duration of the video, It tends to be used with new and upcoming bands/artists as its a lower budget due to production.

This is a prime example of a Performance music video as it focuses primarily on the band. The music video contains lots of quick sped shots that coincide with the high frequency of the song, the genre is considered as punk which is reinforced by the variation of slo motion and fat paced song shots as it adds and creates more intensity.

This is an interesting version of the Performance style as its very different to the one above as it’s more creative and unique as it doesn’t just show the band playing it has an artistic editing technique which makes it seem more expressive and advanced. They use the technique of repetition which triggers a new shot after each line. The band is centralised in all shots which makes them the focal point to this video which engages the viewers.


‘Music video that features a visual story that is easy to follow’

Features of a narrative music video include:

  • Not having any type of lip-sync singing
  • The story in someway links to the song
  • The lyrics are often reflected in the story

Most common type of narrative is narrative/performance. This is where there is a story being told but also performance of the band/singer is being shown.

Often the music video will mimic a film genre. The band will appear as part of the narrative or as observers. The story generally is a meaningful narrative which normally offers a deeper meaning.

My Inspiration an Artist

My Inspiration an Artist

My influence and artist I will be using, is my sister Avril. She has had a passion and uncontrollable love for music ever since she was little, due to this it has guided me to use her as my artist because I think having a passionate artist will create a very effective and emotive music video. She is studying commercial music in BathSpa university. She has appeared in multiple bands but prefers gong solo. She is very talented and can play the piano, guitar but her favourite and speciality is singing, due to this she is able to play many types of genres.

This is her youtube :


Film Noir

Film Noir

Film Noir is defined as the translation in French for “black film” or “dark film”. Film Noir is abstract and artistic but also argued to not necessarily be a genre but a mood/style with a dark tone.


In the 1930’s – early 1940’s the genre of films made were created to cheer people’s hopeless outlook during the time period of the Depression and World War II. Shortly following Film Noir began to appear and become popular as company’s were able to take advantage of the public’s feelings of the post-war atmosphere of anxiety. The French film critic, Nino Frank, was the first person to use the name of this unique style as he noticed common trends and conventions such as the dark and downbeat tone and shadowing looks and themes that followed many American crime and detective films.

In comparison with modern Film Noir, they follow the same characteristics, however due to the quality film in that time period, they were only able to film in black and white, so even though the name suggests black and white cinematography it doesn’t necessarily mean that. For instance modern films such as Memento and The Final Suspects aren’t black and white but are classed as Film Noir films due to their dark characteristics.


  • Story lines – These were often non-linear and twisting to follow plots such as the main role (usually men) generally being a detective, policeman, law abiding citizen pulled into criminal life. Although these are different characters they are very similar in the style of acting.
  • Filmography – This is one of the most identifiable characteristic of Film Noire as this enables it to distinguish it from others genres and styles. These all are filmed using low-key lighting creating an eerie sinister effect using shadows for a mysterious atmosphere. Also camera techniques such as short depth of field are used to blur/ disorientate to reinforce the anonymous tone.
  • Women roles – The females in Film Noir were either of two types (or archetypes):

– dutiful



-loving women

Or femme fatels (a seductive, mysterious women):

– unreliable

,- gorgeous

– predatory

– manipulative

This role was looked upon as inspiration to women due to during and after the war, as females were dependent on males as they were seen as the stronger sex however this role was seen to be empowering to females as they didn’t have to rely on men to do roles for them.

Directors & Cinematographers

A few of the most famous and well known cinematographers are:

  • John Alton – (The Big Combo – 1955)
  • Nicholas Musuraca – (Cat People – 1942)
  • Robert Krasker – (The Third Man – 1949)
  • Burnett Guffey – (In A Lonely Place – 1950)
  • John F. Seitz – ( Double Indemnity – 1944)
  • Ernest Laszlo – (Kiss Me Deadly -1955)

My Opinion

I cant really give an opinion as I haven’t watched many, however I really like crime and dark films, I intend to watch some and give my opinion during a film review.

Evaluation for AS title sequence

Evaluation for AS title sequence

I think overall myself and my group exceeded in this task as we were able to achieve a successful title sequence of the horror sub-genre of the thriller genre. This was portrayed through the camera, mise-en-scene, editing and sound.


We used an out of focus point of view shot which gave a blurry effect at the beginning of the title sequence to create the effect of the victim waking up and appearing to be disoriented, it also establish the location and environment the character is in to the audience. A tracking shot shows goosebumps to present the physical emotion and terror she is going through. The scene is further set by a close up of multiple shots showing she is tied up, this reinforces our genre and the painful and graphic event that is taking place. Close ups shots on the victim face also present the physical harm the character has been put through. An over the shoulder shot is used to illustrate the antagonist but typical convention of mystery is conveyed through the hidden face with a black over sized hoodie fact that his face isn’t shown suggests that they know what they are doing is wrong and they don’t want to be seen doing it meaning they know right from wrong making their actions even more sinister. A high angle is used on the victum to portray her as smaller which further emphasises her weakness and vulnerability.


Our location was a forest / woodland area due to during our research we explored that this was a stereotypical setting for our specific genre. We wanted to add a sense of realism by including weapons that everyone could easily access, because of this we chose to use house hold objects such as, hammers and knives as it creates the character to be more sinister. We wanted to follow conventions and follow the very stereotypical path by using a female to to play to victum and a male to play the villain as young females are seen to be weaker and more vulnerable were as in juxtaposition men are seen to be more dominating and stronger, also that the villain is wearing all black, this connotes death and evil as it associates with fear and the unknown which further exaggerates our stereotypical roles of this character as we wanted a mysterious villain.


We used straight cuts to flow what follows the narrative. As the victim close her eyes it transitions into the title of the film, this is well done because it looks like one long shot because it has the same background colour but its actual a cut. As the villain walks past it cross dissolves to the victim then changes it up from straight cuts. The victim gets most of the screen time in the title sequence which juxtaposes her position as she ends up dead at the end of the title sequence


Non-diagetic eerie and mysterious background music sets the scene that something is not normal. We wanted to add a sense of realism so we used bird noises as it presents what you would hear in the environment they are in. Lots of diegetic noises of heavy breathing emphasises the intensity of her situation, this therefore reinforces the characters situation and emotions. The increase in pace of non diegetic score matches the screen extract as the title sequence builds in tension and intensity. When the villain is presented a change in tone is heard which creates a jumpy feeling, this is used to make it more dramatic. At the end we included a scream effect followed by a ringing sound at the end, this was used to make viewers feel uncomfortable and unsettled which is the typical outcome for a thriller genre.

This is my final evaluation from AS:



My choice – Music Video Brief

My choice – Music Video Brief

After I have explored each individual brief, I chosen the music video brief as it appeals to me the most as I love music. My sister is a very talented musician and her passion is to sing, this is benefit me and allow me to exceed in this task. Due to me taking photography A-level, this will work in favour with me as it will enable me to create a effective and creative digi-pack.

By choosing this brief it will allow me to explore lots of genres including:

  • Alternative
  • Country
  • Grime
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • R&B
  • Hip-Hop
  • Dance
  • Classical
  • Blues

I have chosen this specific brief because you are able to break conventions and oppose ideas and still make it effective. I love how many routes there are to go down as I love a range of different genres and it will enable me to be creative and adapt to whatever genre I go for. I personally would like to go down the slower alternative genre as I believe it will enable me to create a story and message.