The 3 Styles of Music Videos

The 3 Styles of Music Videos


A video that is based on one idea that has no relevance to the song and is quite obscure

Features of a concept music video:

  • Includes unusual images or narratives to entertain the audience
  • The video doesn’t have any relevance to the song
  • Some images are purely artistic no other explanation

This type of video are more common in electronic music or experimental videos.

This is a great example and sums up what a conceptual music video is due to the girl dancing in the bold blonde wig symbolises / highlights the importance of something relating to the music video (in this case, the artist). There are many long panning and tracking shots used to reinforce the girl dancing which is the main feature of the video.

Due to this being of an older song compared to the first one, the concept and style of music is completely different. The shots a more upbeat to occupy the song and beat as well with the unusual imagery placed on the screen.


Performance is self explanatory is the sense that it includes the artist/band performing though out the duration of the video, It tends to be used with new and upcoming bands/artists as its a lower budget due to production.

This is a prime example of a Performance music video as it focuses primarily on the band. The music video contains lots of quick sped shots that coincide with the high frequency of the song, the genre is considered as punk which is reinforced by the variation of slo motion and fat paced song shots as it adds and creates more intensity.

This is an interesting version of the Performance style as its very different to the one above as it’s more creative and unique as it doesn’t just show the band playing it has an artistic editing technique which makes it seem more expressive and advanced. They use the technique of repetition which triggers a new shot after each line. The band is centralised in all shots which makes them the focal point to this video which engages the viewers.


‘Music video that features a visual story that is easy to follow’

Features of a narrative music video include:

  • Not having any type of lip-sync singing
  • The story in someway links to the song
  • The lyrics are often reflected in the story

A narrative music video tends to be of the slower pace as it enables to tell portray a story better, this has no element of performance due to the artist never being on screen. The slow shots compliments the slow paced beat of the song and reinforces the sad story behind the character presented on screen. Due to the deep and sensitive storyline, it enables the audience to engage and interact with the personal message.

Many narrative elements are the same due to the slow shots to convey the storyline. This music video centralises this character and unfolds not just her physical journey with others as she drives then to their destinations but also her personal journey as she sees her son or grandson who we understand haven’t reconciled in many years. This creates an emotive connection and engages the audience to continue to watch.

Most common type of narrative is narrative/performance. This is where there is a story being told but also performance of the band/singer is being shown.

Often the music video will mimic a film genre. The band will appear as part of the narrative or as observers. The story generally is a meaningful narrative which normally offers a deeper meaning.


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