Digi-pak Analysis #2

The colours used for Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to die’ digi-pak are quite bold and simplistic. The colour palette used all tie together really nicely. The primarily colours used are red, pink and coral with a pop of blue from the sky, this creates a very simplistic but effective look and creates the image her genre of music evolves around the pop culture. By having the background as a bold colour such as the back cover and slip enables the public to be drawn to the information and to convey the message of the CD quicker. Just like the colour scheme, the layout is very simplistic as theres not much that contributes to this, on the back cover the layout is very basic and follows typical conventions of the layout of a digi-pak.

The images included in this digi-pak are very minimalistic. The image on the front cover is of the artist herself, she is centralised in the middle of the front cover so she is the main focus and becomes more recognisable to the public. Her facial expression is quite stern and serious which symbolises the mood of the CD and her as an artist, it also signifies the representation and genre of the CD is of the indie pop culture. The only other images included the digi-pak are the roses on the CD itself. The colour red has many connotations that include danger, power, desire and passion, these can all be associated with red roses as well, which implies the tracks on the CD are devoted to all these characteristics, supporting the genre of music she presents is pop and indie.

To coincide with the basic complexity of this digi-pak a bold sans serif typography is used, this also helps the important information not to get lost in the brightness of the background and makes it stand out, being in a contradicting colour to the background also helps to achieve this. The name of the album “Born to die” has quite negative and deep meanings behind it which infers the tracks and her style is quite dark and meaningful, this is further reinforced in the previous paragraph about the connotations of red roses that appear on the CD.


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